May 4 2017
Visit the rooftop hives and learn about Urban Beekeeping with the Office of Sustainability.

John Walter Grant MacEwan, the namesake of MacEwan University, was ahead of his time in terms of his knowledge and passion for sustainability. As an environmental advocate, he shared his values and educated Canadians about issues affecting the world. Today this passion is a thread that runs through all of MacEwan University’s departments, faculties and programs and connects the university with the concepts of global responsibility, environmental stewardship and social equity.

Moving forward in our journey towards sustainability, it is crucial that all stakeholders are engaged and collaborate in the planning, piloting and implementation of new ideas and solutions. By continuing to support our sustainability committees, volunteers, sustainability student clubs, and staff and faculty engagement programs, we can help establish a culture for innovation thriving to build a resilient and sustainable future.

Sustainability Stories

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Apr 5 2017

Roberta Laurie wants to empower students through critical thinking

Apr 5 2017

New fellowship and workshop for faculty members helps integrate sustainability into classrooms

Mar 22 2017

Nursing students find their voices as advocates for sustainability