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At MacEwan University, we want to stay connected with our alumni. The Alumni office offers benefits and services that will ease your way into the workforce, help you meet your fitness goals or make a night out on the town a bit more affordable. We host events that will help you stay connected with classmates. We celebrate your connection to an exciting past and a future of possibility.

Alumni Convocation Happy Graduates

Students for a short time. Alumni for life.

You've graduated! Congratulations! As you get ready to tackle your next big thing—work, travel, further education—remember that our alumni are an important part of who we are.


2017 Distinguished Alumni 

Meet this year's Distinguished Alumni Award winners, Peter Dent (1984) and Lyn Krutzfeldt (1983), who embraced adventurous career and educational paths. Today their vision and commitment make them leaders in their fields.

Find your awesome

No need to sacrifice your work-out routine or abandon your exercise buddies after graduation. The Christensen Family Centre for Sport and Wellness welcome alumni with open arms—strong, well-toned arms that is.

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