MacEwan Students

MacEwan Residence welcomes all students of MacEwan University.

We are accepting applications for the upcoming semesters as follows: 

Fall 2017 (August 27–December 17, 2017) Open until December 2017
Fall/Winter 2017-18
(August 27, 2017–April 22, 2018)
Open until April 2018
12 month 2017-18
(August 27, 2017–August 23, 2018)
Open until November 2017
Winter 2018 (January 2 to April 22, 2018) Open until April 2018


Applications will be processed only for semesters that are open. As such, applicants must ensure they are applying for the correct time frame. Residence Services cannot transfer an application from one period to another and refunds will not be accepted; a new application and application fee will be required.


Application Process for Returning Residents

All current (both domestic and international) residents may apply for residence online.

online application


Application Process for New Applicants

New domestic and international applicants may apply for residence online.

online application


Room Availability

Be advised that MacEwan Residence does offer three different types of suites for you to choose from (bachelor, 2-bedroom, 4-bedroom). However, given the high demand for bachelor and 4-bedroom suites, priority is given to returning residents for these units. While it is not impossible for new residents to get assigned a bachelor or 4-bedroom unit, it is unlikely as there are few of these suites available and they are in high demand. Any suites remaining after returning residents have been assigned will be allocated to new residents based on the date of their application and any special accommodations requested. We encourage you to apply as early as possible to increase your chances of getting a bachelor or 4-bedroom unit.


CFAC Construction

MacEwan University began construction on the Centre for Arts and Culture building, adjacent to the Residence, in the fall of 2014. Wise and safe construction practices are followed during the course of the three-year build and every effort will be made to retain easy access for students using the residence. Students should be aware that since there will be a construction site near by, there will be noise, dust and the possibility of a temporary interruption of some services. Please be advised that there will be no compensation or reduction to your residence fees during construction or in the event of disruption to services.