Security and Safety


The safety and security of our staff and students is the primary concern of MacEwan University Security Services. Our program includes 24/7 surveillance and response by a dedicated security team and a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan in the event of a serious incident such as fire, severe weather or threats to personal safety. Emergency Blue Phones are located throughout the various campuses and parkades; these connect directly to the Security dispatch office which is continuously monitored.

Our commitment to safety was recognized by the City of Edmonton, who presented us with a Safety Recognition Award which acknowledged our efforts in using CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles and techniques in the design of the City Centre Campus underground parkade. Several of these features were also incorporated into the design of the City Centre Campus West Parkade.

Violence on Campus: Prevention and Response

Violent acts can happen on the street, in airports, shopping malls, schools, at work and even in our own home. It is important to recognize when we are in danger of being harmed and to be able to act to prevent a violent episode or to survive if we are caught in a violent occurrence.

Report a workplace violence concern

1. Report the concern to your immediate supervisor
2. Discuss possible solutions with the supervisor
3. Complete the Health and Safety Concern Report and submit to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), Human Resources
4. Review and follow up led by WHS

If you have any questions, please contact Security Services at 780-497-5554.

Note: Policy, program and forms are located on the Human Resources Workplace Health and Safety webpage on myPortal.MacEwan.ca

Information sessions

Sessions on preventing and responding to workplace violence and active shooter situations are available to all faculty and staff. The sessions, titled Violence on Campus: Prevention and Response, provide information on workplace violence and how to report a concern or incident.

Sessions provide information on the risks associated to violence, identifying potentially worrisome behavior and how to report concerns. The presentation includes Shooter on Campus: Know You Can Survive, a video which highlights recommended actions to take in an active shooter situation.

Sessions can be requested for individual departments.

Shooter on Campus: Know You Can Survive

MacEwan University is one a number of Alberta post-secondary institutions who have collaborated to create Shooter on Campus: Know You Can Survive, a nine-minute video which provide students and staff with the best information available about how to respond to an active shooter situation. 

A link to the video can be found on the right side of the page. 


Discover the signs of crisis and how to help others before they become dangerous to themselves or others.

Emergency Procedures


For printed copy of your Emergency Procedures brochure, please go to your Security Services Office.

Know you can survive

Find out how you can survive in the unlikely event that you are caught in an active shooter situation.