Presidential Search

MacEwan University’s Board of Governors is launching the search for our next president who will take office on July 1, 2017.

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The university functions under the authority of the Postsecondary Learning Act and operates under a shared governance structure between the Board of Governors (Board) and the Academic Governance Council (AGC).

Although the Board has the ultimate authority, the Board and AGC share and balance power within the university. The Board has senior oversight of the institution and concerns itself with long-range planning and business affairs. Academic Governance Council is responsible for the academic affairs of the University.

Senior Leadership

MacEwan University's leadership is responsible for inspiring students, staff and faculty while providing an innovative and exciting learning environment. The President works together with a group of senior leaders to ensure the University fulfills its mandate. The President, along with five vice-presidents, are responsible for managing the educational and business affairs with the best interests of the university in mind.