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Make an impact in the lives of students, and our community, for generations to come. Support our new Centre for Arts and Culture.

The building of our new Centre for Arts and Culture is an exciting new chapter in the life and history of our dynamic university.

The new centre will be first and foremost a teaching facility that provides purpose built spaces with state-of-the-art technology, classroom and performance areas essential to our students’ educational experience and to meet university requirements. More diversified course offerings and advanced technology will better create well-rounded, future-ready students in visual and performing arts, Design Studies, and Arts and Cultural Management.

The new centre is designed to support the program offerings and the talent developed within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communication. It is an innovative and collaborative venue to provide students, faculty and staff with the unique spaces they need to explore and build on their creative talents and abilities.

Help us reach that goal—make your impact by donating to the Centre for Arts and Culture today. 


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Buy a seat, support the arts

Purchase a seat plaque in the new Centre for Arts and Culture and support MacEwan's place in downtown Edmonton's thriving arts scene. If you donate $500 or more, you can choose a name that will be displayed on a seat in the recital hall or proscenium theatre.

Alumni Theatre seats in the Haar Theatre