Skills Appraisal

The Skills Appraisal is used by certain programs to determine whether you are ready for post-secondary courses. The Skills Appraisal assesses your reading and writing skills. Your program may also require you to be tested in mathematics.

Important Information about Skills Appraisal: 2018/19

The University has reviewed Skills Appraisal and the ability to use the test as a means by which an applicant may qualify for admission to eligible programs. Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 will be the last opportunity to use Skills Appraisal or the corresponding developmental courses, ENGL 089, READ 089 and MATH 089 to satisfy admission requirements. If you are not offered admission in either of these terms, you may need to complete additional requirements to satisfy admission in future terms.

If you need to write the skills appraisal

The Skills Appraisal Exemption Chart lists all programs that require applicants to write the skills appraisal. If your program is listed you will need to write the test unless you meet the specified exemption criteria.

The results of the appraisal are generally valid for two years from the date you wrote, to the date of your application for admission. If it has been longer than two years, you must write the appraisal again.

Skills Appraisal accommodations for students with disabilities

If you anticipate disability-related barriers while writing the Skills Appraisal and are seeking accommodations, you have to connect in advance with Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) to review your situation, including documentation of disability. If approved for accommodations by SSD, you will register in a specific section of the Skills Appraisal. Find out more in the "Register and pay" section below.

The skills appraisal process:

It is important that you write the test as soon as possible after applying to a program so that a decision on your admissibility can be made quickly.

1. Choose a date

Test sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Choose a date from the skills appraisal test schedule:

If you live more than 200 kilometres from Edmonton, you may write the test in your own community by submitting the Exam Supervision Form. Arrange for exam supervision as soon as possible because this process will take additional time.

2. Register and pay


The fee to write the skills appraisal is $50. This amount is non-refundable.


Enrol online in SKAP 0001: Skills Appraisal through the School of Continuing Education. You may also call 780-497-4400 to enrol.

If you have been approved for exam accommodations due to disability by Services to Students with Disabilities and are scheduled to write the Skills Appraisal in the SSD Exam Centre, enrol online in SKAP 0003: Skills Appraisal with SSD. You may also call 780-497-4400 to enrol. 

If you live more than 200 kilometres from Edmonton and choose to write the exam in your own community, mail the Exam Supervision Form with a cheque or money order payable to MacEwan University to:

Skills Appraisal
MacEwan University
P. O. Box 1796
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2P2

3. Prepare for the test

Test Format

It takes about four hours to write the full appraisal. There is a one-hour essay as well as multiple choice questions. For each test you will be given a test booklet and an answer sheet. For the multiple choice questions, you must enter the answers on the answer sheet. Each section has a time limit. Try sample test questions ».

Study Resources

Although it is difficult to study specifically for the appraisal test, you may find it helpful to review an English handbook (and a reputable math text, where applicable). We recommend these online resources:

4. Review your results

You will receive your skills appraisal results approximately 7–10 business days after your test date. Your results will be sent to your email and will inform you if you are required or recommended to complete any developmental courses.

Developmental Courses

Any 'required' developmental courses must be completed before you can begin your program.

If your results indicate a course is 'recommended' rather than 'required', we believe these courses will prepare you to succeed at the university level, but the choice to take them is yours.

Rewriting the test

Normally, you have only one chance to write the skills appraisal. Exceptions are sometimes made if there is reason to believe you could do better. If this is so, arrange to see an advisor in the Office of the University Registrar or an advisor in your program. You may enrol online in SKAP 0002: Skills Appraisal Rewrite only after you have received permission. If you enrol without prior permission, you may be turned away at the exam sitting.

5. Enrol in a developmental course (if required)

Enrol in developmental courses through MacEwan University's School of Continuing Education.

Enrol early to ensure a seat in the required course. Seats are limited and fill quickly.

Getting your results

  • Your results will be emailed to your MacEwan email. Access your email by launching GMail after logging in to
  • Once the results have been sent, applicants with current applications should log in to myStudentSystem to monitor their Application Status and To Do List.


For more information about writing the skills appraisal or your results letter: 780-497-5015

To sign up to write the skills appraisal or to enrol in developmental courses related to your results: