Length of Study

4 years

Study Options


Credential Granted

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) 


Fall term (September)
Winter term (January)

Feb 3 2015
Considering the number of creatures that die every day, why aren't we swimming in a sea of cadavers? Decomposition occurs through the gratuitous services of an army of volunteers. Meet the decomposers!
Feb 6 2015
Join Don Macdonald as he discusses the United Nations' struggle to develop a new climate change treaty and some of the tough questions being asked.
Feb 27 2015
This week's topic: Euler's work on trigonometric series

Why a science degree?

Sometimes the simple answers just won’t do. Your healthy sense of curiosity is too strong to ignore; you’ve got to get to the heart of the issue. You have the patience to hypothesize and experiment until you have found the answer to your question. For you, the journey truly is half the fun.

You can prepare for a career in cutting edge fields like organic chemistry, computing science, cell biology, environmental science and many other specializations. Bachelor of Science students develop research skills, analytical skills, technical skills and work ethics that make them valuable commodities in the labour market.

The Bachelor of Science degree at MacEwan University can also be a direct route to a professional program, with its pre-professional streams leading towards degrees in dental hygiene, dentistry, medical laboratory science, medicine, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

What will I study?

The Bachelor of Science degree program is comprised of 120 credits of coursework with 6 majors: biological sciences, computer science, mathematics, mathematical sciences (in which students focus on two of mathematics, statistics or computer science), physical sciences (in which students focus on two of physics, chemistry or earth and atmospheric sciences) and psychology.

Minors are offered in biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, Earth and planetary sciences, mathematics, physics, psychology, and statistics. Students in the B.Sc. program are also eligible to take any minor offered in the Bachelor of Arts degree, including business studies.