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Length of Study

2 years

Study Options

Full-time, part-time

Credential Granted



Fall term (September)

Workplace Learning

Directed Field Study


Higher education university transfer agreements in place. Individual courses transferable to professional designations.

Information Sessions
City Centre Campus - 5-135
Sep 28 2016
Sep 30 2016
Because of her strong sense of aboriginal ownership, Nicole has built a company based on providing employment and mentorship opportunities to Aboriginals, aspiring to be Canada's leading Aboriginal business.
Oct 3 2016

Accountants are leading business worldwide. Today’s accounting professional is found in the boardroom as part of the leadership team, analyzing and interpreting information on their organization and economic trends to strategize for business success.

MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Applied Business Administration – Accounting is a two-year post-diploma degree that allows you to learn and work. Complementing classroom studies with research in the field of accounting, this degree prepares you for business in the real world. Students complete advanced level accounting studies then begin full-time work; while working and developing knowledge on the job, students complete four, 2-month long modules of applied research in accounting that occur parallel to their working in accounting to complement skill and knowledge development.

This program is generally taken as a continuation of the Accounting and Strategic Measurement diploma program at MacEwan. However, equivalencies from other institutions will be considered.