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Length of Study

Up to 2 years

Study Options

Part time: Distance

Credential Granted



Fall term (September)
Winter term (January)
Spring/Summer term (May)

Workplace Learning


Apr 21 2015
Presented by Dr. Jaggi Rao, Dermatologist, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Salutaris Medical Director, as part of the Edema/Lymphedema Public Education Series.
May 1 2015
Join health care professionals from across Canada to hear about, share and explore approaches to using computerized data, information systems, and informatics in health care.
May 19 2015
Presented by Pauline Mitchell, Nurse Educator, as part of the Edema/Lymphedema Public Education Series

The Post-Basic Nursing Practice: Hospice Palliative Care and Gerontological Nursing certificate program at MacEwan University combines the common skill sets necessary for practice in both areas. Individuals select from either a palliative care major or gerontology major. Prepare for a rewarding career as an in-demand health care professional working with the aging population or the terminally ill.

Flexible Learning for Professionals

This 18-credit certificate is available through online distance delivery, giving you the opportunity to further your education in the comfort of your own home while still fulfilling your professional commitments. 


Older patients often require complex and specialized care to maintain physical and mental health. With new advances in all areas of health care, Registered Nurses (RNs) specializing in gerontology offer their patients increased mobility, improved resilience and greater peace of mind.

Palliative Care

Palliative care aspires to relieve suffering and enhance quality of life for people living with acute or chronic life-threatening illnesses. RNs specializing in palliative care assist these individuals and those close to them with their physical, psychosocial and spiritual concerns during their life as well as during end-of-life and in the bereavement processes.

New for Fall 2015:
Partnership with Everest Education Services

In Fall 2015, in partnership with Everest Educational Services Inc., the Post Basic Nursing Practice: Gerontology/Hospice Palliative Care Program will be offering a two-year program designed for international nurses from India. Please contact Everest Educational Services for further information and application.