Explore Your Options

Connecting students to the world of work

Brainstorm and generate a list of occupations that you would like to explore. Think as broadly as possible – look at options that you are familiar with and those you know little about. 

Through self-reflection:

Did any occupations arise in your self-reflection process?

If you completed career testing, which of the suggested career options would you like to investigate further?   

Through advising:

Prospective students can speak to an advisor in the Advising Office about their career plan.

Current students can talk to their instructors, the advisors of their program or discipline, or a career advisor in the Student Life Office.

Students or alumni interested pursuing in graduate school or professional education may contact the Graduate School Liaison at gradschoolli@macewan.ca for assistance with exploring and applying to graduate or professional education programs.

By industry or sector:

Another great way to explore different career options is by learning about various industries or sectors and the career opportunities that exist within each one.

Canadian Sector Councils: A list of all Canadian sectors and website links. Visit the website of the sector(s) you’re interested in and browse through the career section for ideas.

Alberta Learning Information Services – Occupational Profile: Select “Search by Industry” to find occupations within specific Alberta industries.

National Occupational Classification: Select “Structure” from the drop-down menu to search for occupations by sector and skill level.


By field of study:

If you are interested in a particular subject area, you can review some of the occupations that are often associated with that field of study to help generate some ideas:

Alberta Learning Information Services – Occupational Profile: Select “Search by Subject” to search for occupations associated with specific subject areas.

Consult the Careers section of your chosen program's website or your program advisor about possible career paths within your field of study.