Services to Students with Disabilities

Access and success

Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) offers a range of services to foster the full and self-directed participation of students with disabilities in courses and other academic activities.


Students accessing SSD services may have one or more disabilities of the following types:

  • mobility
  • sensory (affecting vision and/or hearing)
  • learning
  • attention deficit
  • neurological
  • psychiatric
  • chronic illness
  • temporary (e.g. broken arm)

SSD Services

  • Review documentation of disability
  • Identify disability-related accommodations and services
  • Develop individual accommodation and service plans
  • Prepare accommodation letters for teaching faculty
  • Coordinate disability-related accommodations and services
  • Provide educational and career planning advice
  • Assist with funding applications for services and technology
  • Coach students to develop self-advocacy skills
  • Communicate with faculty and staff about accommodating students with disabilities
Further SSD Information
Heather's Experience

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