student work

Our students produce an eclectic collection of art in a variety of mediums: installation, sculpture, digital and extended media, painting, book art and performance art. Their work is displayed at events throughout the year, culminating in a second-year student Graduates' Exhibition each spring.


Thought-provoking, engaging, innovative. Our students create art that inspires and challenges. Enjoy this gallery of work created by recent graduates. Just think—next year we could be showcasing your talent in our student galleries.

Graduates' exhibition

To celebrate two years of hard work, you will plan your own grand finale, a juried exhibit of your finest and most provocative pieces. Selecting the pieces you'll display, creating descriptive content to accompany your art, strategizing your involvement—the graduates' exhibition provides invaluable hands-on experience. At the exhibit, you will meet with faculty, staff, members of the general public and art patrons from across the province.

Fine Art grads show their best work in online exhibition
"I hope when they look back on this experience, they can apply this life experience and find the opportunity within whatever challenge that comes their way."
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Where art and music meet

Hear how a pair of Fine Art and Music students worked together, blending photography and sound to share uncomfortable, raw and real stories of surviving cancer.

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