This post-diploma certificate combines online delivery with in-person labs, ensuring you have the hands-on skills you need to practice perioperative nursing.

The program is composed of online courses that provide registered nurses with the fundamental skills required to work alongside surgeons and other health care professionals in a challenging, fast-paced and team-oriented environment—the operating room.

All 5 courses in the program are offered online. These courses are scheduled over the fall, winter and spring/summer terms and must be completed in specific sequence.

Canadian Nurses Association Certification

Upon successful completion of the program and fulfillment of the clinical hours, you are eligible to write the Canadian Nurses Association Certification for Nursing Specialties exam in Perioperative Nursing.

Canadian Nurses Association

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find out about the courses you need to take and the requirements you need to fulfill to complete your program.
Academic Calendar