The Social Work diploma’s competitive admission process requires submission of additional admission documents to be assessed by faculty from the Social Work program.

Volunteer/work experience

Social Work is an extremely demanding occupation dealing with such challenging issues as sexual abuse and family violence. Successful applicants have a full understanding of what social workers do and the kind of settings they are employed in. It is also highly desirable that you have some life experience and a great deal of self-awareness before coming into the program. Students who take some time to gain practical experience and enhanced insights prior to entering the program are likely to be the most successful.

Before applying to the Social Work program, you must complete a minimum of 70 hours of supervised volunteer work, or have work-related experience in a social work setting or related field. In your application, you will provide the program with a reference from a volunteer supervisor.

Early document deadlines
This program has early document deadlines related to the "other admission criteria" category of admission requirements.

Resumé and personal professional profile

Please prepare your resumé and personal professional profile according to the instructions below.

We must receive transcripts and other educational documents before we can make a final decision on your application. To avoid delays, please submit these documents as soon as possible and no later than the document deadline.


  • employment history, and
  • volunteer work/community involvement. Be sure to include dates and volunteer hours.

Your full name and MacEwan University ID must be on the top of each page of your profile. Also indicate whether your application is for the full-time program or part-time program.

Answer each of the following questions, with a short, concise piece of writing, using complete sentences and proper punctuation. Number each of your responses. The completed profile should be 7 to 8 typed pages, 12 font, double-spaced.

Part A: Personal portion

  1. What have been the most significant experiences in your life which have influenced the person you are today

    a) childhood experiences (reflect on experiences within your family, school and peer group).
    b) as an adult (reflect on experiences in family, relationships, work, community)?
  2. How might the above experiences affect your potential development as a professional social worker?
  3. If you had to choose the one most rewarding learning experience of your life, what would it be?
  4. What has been the most difficult learning experience in your life and how did you cope with it?
  5. If you had to choose one person who has had the most impact on you in your life, who would it be? What qualities did you most admire about this person?
  6. The Social Work Program has a practice that requires applicants to have a 2-year period of stability relating to such issues as: drug and/or alcohol dependency, mental illness, serious emotional problems and/or former involvement with children’s services/child welfare. Further, the program requires a clear Police Information Check including a Vulnerable Sector search and Child Intervention record check.

    Do you have had any of the identified issues? Please indicate and provide information on each one. Do you have any health issues, which could interfere with your ability to be successful when working with clients in social service agencies?

Part B: Professional portion

  1. Describe your motivation and interest in social work as a profession.
  2. Describe what you see as the most important things social workers do. What qualities do you think will make you an effective social worker? What qualities are apt to get in your way or provide a challenge for you?
  3. How has your related volunteer or work experience helped to prepare you for social work study? Even if this information is included in your resume, please give a response here by summarizing your experience and naming the place(s) utilized for this experience.
  4. How have you prepared yourself to fulfill the academic requirements of the university? What supports do you have in place to enable you to be a successful student?

Submitting Documents

Upload your resumé and personal professional profile documents directly into your student record through myStudentSystem:

  1. Log in to
  2. Launch myStudentSystem
  3. From your student homepage, select My Documents
  4. Choose the Document Type from the dropdown menu
  5. Upload the document (.PDF only)

Letters of reference

Use the forms below for reference letters. Reference forms must be emailed to and must be sent from the email of the individual providing the reference. The subject line of the email must include the applicant's full name and the name of the program they are applying to.

Volunteer/work experience reference form

General reference form