Health care practitioners skilled in complex wound management are needed in a variety of health care settings.


Graduates of this program are health professionals and include:

  • Registered nurses  
  • Licensed practical nurses  
  • Occupational therapists  
  • Respiratory therapists  
  • Physical therapists

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) hosts detailed occupational profiles, salary survey data, trend reports and assessment tools to help you choose and plan a life-long career that matches your skills and interests.

Job Search. Career planning.
Access resources that will help you find the right job—while you're a student and after you graduate.
Take credit for your work

All courses completed in this program are credit courses and may be transferable toward further study at post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

nurse checking heart with stethescope nurse checking heart with stethescope
Training for the future
Professional development certificates, refresher courses, specialized areas of focus—the Centre for Professional Nursing Education prepares you for the ongoing needs of our medical system. If you are a nurse or nurse practitioner, we have a program for you.