Workshops & Training

When you attend a workshop or training opportunity, you are on your way to becoming a human rights champion and to making MacEwan University a more inclusive campus.

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Our human-rights related workshops are available by request to MacEwan students, faculty and staff. If you are part of a group that would like to participate in one of the following workshops, contact us to make arrangements.

This program is based on the theory and practice of Dr. Ishu Ishiyama from the University of British Columbia. Anti-discrimination Response Training consists of mini-lectures, experiential learning activities, video presentations, group discussions, future-planning and feedback sessions to build participants' confidence as active witnesses and program facilitators.


This workshop provides an overview of how unconscious bias can seep into everyday interactions and explores what we can do to build the capacity to think and act with the conscious intent for inclusion.

Access the workshop through the course catalogue in Blackboard. After logging in to Blackboard or launching Blackboard from myPortal, click on the “Self-Enroll Courses” tab. Under Human Right and Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response, you will be able to locate the workshop to self-enroll.


At MacEwan University, we can express our authentic selves and feel comfortable and safe. This workshop focuses on challenging homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language and behaviours; building capacity to foster safe and inclusive LGBTQ2S+ environments; increasing familiarity with common words to express sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression; applying knowledge to situations of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and harassment and planning effective ally behaviours and language.

We can provide workshops tailored to the specific needs, time constraints and learning objectives of your department, class, faculty or club.

We can answer your questions about workshops or book a session for you and your group.