Interdisciplinary Dialogue Project

The Interdisciplinary Dialogue Project brings together faculty, students, and staff from different disciplines along with members of the broader public to explore a social justice issue. Truth and reconciliation, Indigenous ways of knowing, refugee migration—the topic changes each year, but the approach remains the same: interdisciplinary, collaborative, and meaningful.

2022 Interdisciplinary Dialogue: RECOVERY

The theme of the Winter 2022 Interdisciplinary Dialogue was RECOVERY. The program featured an online launch and three learning forums open to all. Speakers explored different forms and experiences of recovery as it relates to individuals, communities, and the world more broadly. Event topics centered around colonialism and urban wellness, Black History, Indigenous Storytelling, and finally, Chornobyl.

Events were organized in collaboration with and sponsored by MacEwan Library, kihêw waciston, MacEwan Black History Month, the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre, and the City of Edmonton.

2022 Learning outcomes

  1. Enhance MacEwan University's learning community.
  2. Identify the ways that different disciplines approach the concept of recovery.
  3. Articulate your own disciplinary understandings and insights to diverse audiences.
  4. Identify different forms and experiences of recovery as they relate to individuals, communities and the world more broadly.
  5. Analyze the ways that a community's values, beliefs and behaviours impact its members and those around them.
  6. Consider challenges individuals and communities face during recovery, as well as mitigating actions.

IDP at a glance

The IDP uses a three-part format.

Dialogue launch
Three educational forums, followed by online student discussions
Celebration of Learning Student Symposium

MacEwan students may formally participate in the Interdisciplinary Dialogue by registering in a course that is associated with the IDP and/or by signing up through the related co-curricular record (CCR) program via MacEwan’s Co-Curricular Record.

IDP certificate: Students attending a minimum of two educational forums and participating in the corresponding online discussions will receive a formal project certificate of achievement.

IDP Co-Curricular Record: Students may sign up for the Interdisciplinary Dialogue Co-Curricular Record. By completing 12 hours of project-related learning, they can have their IDP participation formally recognized by MacEwan. These hours include participation in project events as well as additional learning opportunities related to the dialogue topic. To get started, students must self-enrol into the IDP CCR program.

Student Research: Students who present at the closing Celebration of Learning may have their work published in the online Interdisciplinary Dialogue Proceedings via MacEwan Open Journals.

Faculty, staff and public inquiries:

Larisa Hayduk
IDP Co-Chair

Student inquiries:

Lindsey Whitson
IDP Co-Chair

Open to the public

All educational forums are open to the public, providing an opportunity for meaningful discussions about local and global issues while connecting MacEwan to communities outside the university.


IDP 2021: Calls to Reimagine Relations

Look back at IDP 2021.

For staff, students and faculty who missed the 2021 events or who would like to watch them anew, recordings are available. They include the launch event, three forums and a talk about lockdowns in British history.

Note: MacEwan University login required to view.

Watch event videos

2021 Video montage

Share Your Voice, a montage of 14 creative expressions, shares in miniature how MacEwan Arts and Cultural Management students have related to the pandemic, their communities, and their own lives. The minute-long responses include dance, original songs, creative non-fiction and poetry.

The Interdisciplinary Dialogue Project student photo contest invited contestants to use photography to portray the feeling and revelations of the pandemic. Submissions showed how students adapted to the dynamics of the pandemic, how they stayed connected to their loved ones, aspirations and past-times. 

IDP artwork.

IDP 2019

Indigenous Research

Spirit Bear Dialogues ᐊᐦᒑᐦᐠ ᒪᐢᑲᐧ ᐅᓯᐦᒋᑫᐃᐧᓂ ᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ, a partnership between MacEwan University and University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills under kihêw waciston guidance explored Indigenous research.


IDP artwork.

IDP 2018

Truth and Reconciliation

This Interdisciplinary Dialogue Student Learning Symposium took place at MacEwan University on April 21, 2018, as part of an interdisciplinary teaching and learning project focusing on Truth and Reconciliation.


IDP artwork.

IDP 2017

Global Refugee Crisis

The first Interdisciplinary Dialogue Student Conference took place at MacEwan University on April 25, 2017. It was was part of the interdisciplinary teaching and learning pilot project. The topic was Global Refugee Crisis.