PROJECT | JUNE 19-25, 2022

During the Métis Design Residency, architects Rachelle Lemieux, Tiffany Shaw-Collinge, and intern architect Jason Surkan will convene to explore concepts of Métis Architecture through a series of explorations in and outside of the gallery.

Métis architecture has been originally identified during the fort era through methods of joinery and assemblies for cabins and buildings utilized by forts, the red river cart utilized during activities such as the buffalo hunt and organizational strategies of Métis river lots/homesteads. Beadwork, quillwork, fish scale, tufting, birch bark biting and other methods of craftwork are strong currents that also relate to Métis identity and will also likely be explored as a basis for design. This is in addition to the broad land use Métis people continue to utilize today as a way of living (such as having a trap line a great distance from the home, or utilizing specific berry patches in other regions away from the home depending on the season). Their group seeks to explore known methods that can fall within the Métis design methodology as a way to advance and propel novel methods of design or uncover methods not commonly talked about.

Rachelle Lemieux is an architect at Brook McIlroy with Red River Métis ancestry, working on projects throughout Manitoba and Ontario. With 12 years of experience in project design and delivery, Rachelle excels in leveraging architecture as a vehicle for social change.

Jason Surkan has recently completed his master of architecture at the University of Manitoba. His work is inspired through observation of nature. He aims to create culturally contextual work that is appropriate for the social, economic, and political environment it will perform within. Jason is a member of Fish Lake Metis Local #108, and the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan.

Tiffany Shaw-Collinge is an architect in Edmonton at Reimagine Architects and is also an artist and curator with the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective. Her practice develops ideas behind cultural memory and craft through analogue and digital methodologies. Tiffany’s Métis ancestry comes from Fort McMurray via the Red River.

John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery (MAG)