Distinguished Teaching Award

Each year we recognize faculty members whose commitment to teaching inspires students and colleagues alike. Considered one of our highest honours, the Distinguished Teaching Award celebrates outstanding teaching ability and a commitment to education leadership.

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Current award winners

The following faculty members won the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2018.

Rodney Schmaltz

Rodney Schmaltz

Associate professor, Psychology
"I love it when students have that ah-ha moment when they realize how learning this material can have a real impact on their lives," says Rodney.

Susan Mills

Associate professor, Philosophy
Reason, analysis and logic are the cornerstones of philosophy and help students make sense of complicated, grandiose or bizarre ideas. "My reward is seeing it click for students," says Susan.

susan mills

ion bica

Ion Bica

Associate professor, Mathematics
"I know how beautiful and rewarding it is to find your passion in life, and I want to help my students find that same feeling – even if it isn't mathematics," says Ion.

Jacqueline Baker

Assistant professor, English
When you teach English and creative writing, you teach students from across the university. "They're humble, generous, hard-working people," says Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Baker


Past award winners

2018 Cristina Anton, Lynne Honey, Joan Mills, Diane Symbaluk
2017 Ahna Berikoff, Etayankara (Murli) Muralidharan, Lisa Prichard, Sandy Jung
2016 Ray Baril, Constanza Pacher, Ross Shaw, Holly Symonds-Brown
2015 Fernando Angulo, Rose Ginther, Margaret Milner, Mike Perschon
2014 MIchael Gulayets, Nancy Digdon, Gerard Bellefeuille, Michael Stock
2013 Diane Symbaluk, Robert Engel, Bill Venables, Peter Roccia
2012 Anne Marie Brose, Ryan Orchard
2011 Colleen Maykut, Gaelan Murphy, Davar Rezania
2010 Mark Arnison, Melike Schalomon
2009 Cherie Moses, Victor Bilodeau, Lisa Mutch, Joanne Minaker
2008 Carla Lemaire, Agnieszka Matejko, Bob Lysay
2007 Leslie Dawson, Tina Hohn, Lucille Mazo, Hoyne Santa-Balasz, Cassie Prochnau
2006 Cindy Kerr, Michael Pompino, Alan Riley
2005 Teresa Costouros, Brenda Blakely, Mansoor Waljee, Charlie Austin
2004 Brian Ellis
2003 Jean Duncan, Rick Lewis
2002 Rose Ginther, Chuck Lee, Sheila Erickson, Wendy Lickacz
2000 Tony Fell, Denise Roy, Lorna Daniels, Bev Kennedy
1999 Eileen Matthews, Frank Saccucci, Renee Bliss, James Eadie
1998 Susan Burns, Andrew Howell, Gordon Turtle
1997 Darci Mallon, Shahram Manoucheri
1996 Chaldeans Mensah, Cheryl Crocker, Diane Butcher
1995 Nancy Digdon, Jennifer Wolfe
1994 Alan Knowles, Doug Ringrose, Laurie Morison, Marianne Wright

I learn a lot from my students, as much as they learn from me. It’s a two-way process. I’m not a teacher—I’m a facilitator of their learning.

Etayankara (Murli) Muralidharan, Associate Professor