Career Development

The path to a rewarding and successful career wanders. It twists and turns. One day you are certain of the direction you want to go. The next day your professor inspires you to try a new direction or your life takes an unexpected turn. 

Careers and Experience staff are here to help you navigate your path. We provide advice and support at all stages of your career journey.

Advice and support

Meeting a field placement host for the first time, making a decision about graduate school or a professional program, applying for a summer job—or the career of your dreams. If you have questions about important milestones on your career path, our advisors can help you gain a better understanding of the career planning process.

Choose a topic—or two or three or more—from the list below. Then make an appointment to meet with an advisor. We serve all current MacEwan students and alumni (graduates from a degree, diploma or certificate program or who have completed 30 credits within a transfer program at MacEwan.) Note that alumni can have up to five appointments.

Discuss your career plan

If you are unsure about your career path, let us guide you through the planning process and help you identify next steps. If you already know where you want to go, we can help you reach your goal. 

Plan on meeting for about one hour.

Information interviews (PDF)

Take a career assessment

If you are interested in finding out which careers you are most suited to, you can take a career assessment. Contact us to request an assessment.

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Improve your job search

An effective job search involves more than looking at job postings. At this one-on-one meeting, we will ask you about your current job search techniques and identify areas for improvement.

Bring your resumé and, if you’d like, a cover letter to this appointment.

Plan on meeting for about one hour.

Job search techniques (PDF)

Get feedback on your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an increasingly popular and effective job search and career recruitment tool. At this meeting, we will provide feedback on your LinkedIn profile.

We will look at your current LinkedIn profile online or you can bring a PDF version.

Plan on meeting for 30 minutes.

LinkedIn tips (PDF)

Review your resumé and cover letter

We provide two resumé review services: You can meet with an advisor in person to discuss your resumé or you can email us a digital copy (Word or pdf).

Meet in person

In-person meetings take about 30 minutes and include a detailed review of the content, structure and format of your resumé and cover letter. If you are responding to a specific job ad, bring it with you so we can help you tailor your response. 

Send a digital resumé

Email us a pdf or Word version of your resumé and cover letter. Let us know the types of jobs you are looking for and any concerns you have about your resumé. We will get back to you within two business days by providing you with a video link that describes our feedback. This option supports students who would like feedback but find it difficult to schedule an in-person appointment.


Prepare for an interview

Meet with a career development specialist who will play the role of a potential employer by interviewing you for a specific position. We provide feedback on the way you respond to interview questions, how you present yourself and your body language. As well, we share strategies that will help you prepare for an interview.

Submit your resumé and cover letter at least one business day ahead of time, along with an ad for a job that you have applied for or would consider applying for.

Plan on meeting for 30 minutes.


Learn about graduate school and professional programs 

If you are interested in obtaining a master's degree or PhD, or if you want to attend a professional program such as law or dentistry, a career development specialist can answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Attend the Graduate School Fair where you can meet graduate program advisors from a number of universities.

Graduate School Fair


Get advice on placements

Some programs with a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component require you to find and prepare for your placement on your own. Our experiential learning facilitators can help you secure a placement that merges smoothly with your career path, provide advice on liability and risk management and ensure your employer agreement meets your needs. 

Meet potential employers and representatives from graduate and professional schools

Join us at the Get to Work career fair, the Get Involved volunteer fair and the Graduate School fair. At these events, you can meet potential employers, find an organization that needs volunteers, and speak with representatives from graduate or professional schools. Learn more about these events on our events page and through social media.

Make an appointment

Schedule or cancel appointments using your MacEwanLife account. If you are a distance student, email us to set up a phone meeting. Penalties apply for late arrivals, no-shows and repeated cancellations.


read the appointments policy


Drop in

Come see us during our drop-in hours for a quick review of your resumé or your LinkedIn account or to get a few tips for an upcoming interview. The times change each month, so be sure to check our availability ahead of time. First come, first served.

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Planning and preparation

Prepare for your career by considering these five interconnected actions. They will help ease the transition from classroom to career.

Illustration of a mountain peak with a flag on top

Define your ideal life

Begin your journey by considering the destination. When you reach the top of the mountain, what career lifestyle do you want to find? Think about what career success means to you and then choose a path that will get you there. The journey is important; so is the destination.

Illustration of a mountain peak with a flag on top

Increase self-awareness

Take the time to reflect on your interests, values and goals. Consider who you are, where you live, what you find interesting, challenging or just plain fun. The better you know yourself, the better prepared you are to discover the right career at the right time.

Illustration of a mountain peak with a flag on top

Develop a positive career mindset

The career path you choose may not always play by the rules. Stormy weather, overgrown trails, lost maps, a change of plans—who knows what you might encounter along the way. Embrace the challenges; meet them head on. Grit, resilience and optimism will help you reach your career destination.

Illustration of a mountain peak with a flag on top

Participate in career and life opportunities

Learn on campus and in your community. Dabble outside your discipline. Join clubs, study abroad, volunteer in your community, apply for part-time and summer jobs that pique your interest. When you engage fully in the activities around you, you gain skills and experiences to direct your career path.

Illustration of a mountain peak with a flag on top

Consider possible lives

Career aspirations change as you change. It’s important to be adaptable, to be open to new opportunities as they arise. Set career goals, plot your journey—but take the time to explore intriguing side paths. They might lead to a stunning vista or introduce you to a new way of thinking.

Learn online

Careers and Experience has developed a self-directed program to help you explore each of these five actions. You can self-enrol in the Navigating My Career Journey program through the course catalogue in Blackboard.

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