FOIP-related websites


Requests to Access Information (Records)

Requests for General Information must be accompanied by an initial $25 fee. Until that fee is received, no processing of the request will commence.

Note: there is no fee required to make a formal FOIP request to access your own personal information.


Request to Correct Your Own Personal Information

There is no fee required to request a correction of your own personal information.


Proposal to Access Personal Information for Research or Statistical Purposes

The researcher is responsible for paying any fees incurred by the University to search for, copy, and or provide the records.


Agreement to Access Personal Information for Research or Statistical Purposes

If the FOIP Head accepts the proposal to access personal information for research or statistical purposes, the applicant must complete and submit this agreement for signature by the FOIP Head.


Request for Review by Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC)

This form is for use if an applicant disagrees with the decision by the pubic body relating to a formal FOIP request. This form should be submitted directly to the OPIC and not to the MacEwan Information and Privacy Office.


Law Enforcement Disclosure - Generic

Use this form when law enforcement officials need to request MacEwan information, except for Edmonton Police Service (EPS) which has their own law enforcement access to information form.