Share experiences. Provide insights. Ask questions. We want to know what you think. At the Office of Sustainability, we believe in the importance of honest, open, community-based feedback.

Whether we are seeking input on our own initiatives or providing input on work done by others, we value the views of people who care about sustainability issues.

MacEwan Bike Plan

Following consultations with MacEwan faculty, staff and students in March 2017, the Office of Sustainability together with MacEwan Facilities and Parking Services drafted a Campus Bike Plan. Now it’s time for you to chip in. Where does the plan hit the mark and where does it miss? What ideas stand out and which ones need fine-tuning? Share your thoughts on how we can improve bike culture and encourage cycle commuting on campus.

You can provide feedback on the plan in three ways:

MacEwan Bike Plan


Green to Go

Launched in 2017, MacEwan’s Green to Go program provides students, staff and faculty a zero waste, sustainable “to-go” option at campus food outlets. This initiative reduces waste related to food packaging by providing you with a reusable option. What has your experience been like with this program? We’d like to know what works for you, what doesn’t and how we can improve your to-go experience.

Email us your input by January 19, 2018.


Campus Sustainability Tours

Have you participated in one of our campus sustainability tours? If so, we’d like to hear about your experience. Did we answer your questions? Did you come away from the tour with a better understanding of campus initiatives? Tell us about your experience so we can work on improving the tours for upcoming groups.

Email us your input