Eco Heroes

If you care about creating a more sustainable world, joining the MacEwan University Eco Hero program is a great way to get involved. The Eco Hero team is responsible for running many of the programs put on by the Office of Sustainability, including the Re-Love Market, Green Impact, and a variety of contests and events. Members promote sustainable initiatives and educate their fellow students about how they can become more sustainable.

Eco Heroes receive a number of benefits. In addition to positively impacting our university, members have plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership, communication and public speaking skills, and also become eligible for sustainability bursaries.

How do I get involved?

We offer orientation training events at the beginning of each semester. Eco Heroes are expected to volunteer one to two hours per week, or about 20 hours per semester.

Apply to become an Eco Hero and we'll let you know when we have our next training session.