In April 2013, the President and Vice Presidents Group approved the MacEwan University Sustainability Planning Process (SPP). The objective of the SPP is to support the Office of Sustainability to review, revise, sponsor the implementation of, recommend, and report on the strategic actions outlined in our Campus Sustainability Plan.

The SPP allows for the planning of sustainability to include and engage all areas of the university through its four committees. Together, these bodies represent each area of our Campus Sustainability Plan, and advise on how best to implement strategic actions.

Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC)

Terms of Reference

SAC Terms of Reference (PDF) »


Jeffrey Davis
Representative of the Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty (Co-chair)

Kalen Pilkington
Director, Office of Sustainability (Co-chair)

Theresa Agnew
Web Services

Kris Bruckmann
Executive Director, Campus Services

Lily Dane
Representative working from the Alberta College Campus

Ron Ewanchuk
Senior Manager, Operations and Maintenance

Suzanne Fournier
Representative from the School of Continuing Education

Mona Haimour
Representative from the Faculty of Nursing

Aimee Hill
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing

Kimberley Howard
Executive Director, MacEwan International

Carolyn Ives
Representative from Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Emily Khalema
Representative from Psychiatric Nursing

Joanne Loh
Representative from School of Business

Loredana Longo
Senior Manager, Health, Safety and Environment

Debbie Maloney
Representative of the MacEwan Staff Association

David McLaughlin
Executive Director, Institutional Analysis and Planning

Stephanie Nedoshytko
Representative from Student Association of MacEwan University (president)

Valerie Ouedraogo
Representative of the Health and Community Studies

Eloisa Perez
Representative from the School of Business

Scott Spidell
Representative of Fine Arts and Communication

Tara Stieglitz
Representative of Professional Resource Faculty

Terri Suntjens
Director, Kihew Wasciston

Donna-Mae Winquist
President, MacEwan Staff Association


Education for Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSC)

Terms of Reference

ESSC Terms of Reference (PDF) »

Standing Members

John Corlett
Provost and Vice-President, Academic (Chair)

Craig Monk
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Sharon Bookhalter
Dean, Faculty of Health and Community Studies

Denise Roy
Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Elsie Elford
Dean, School of Business

Heather McRae
Dean, School of Continuing Education

Sandy Stift
Librarian (delegate of Dean, Libraries)

Sustainable Operations Steering Committee (SOSC)

Terms of Reference

SOSC Terms of Reference (PDF) »

Standing Members

Stuart MacLean
Associate Vice-President, Facilities (Chair)

Kris Bruckmann
Director, Operations, Retail & Hospitality Services

Carol Robinson
Director, Procurement and Contract Services

John McGrath
Vice-President, Integrated Information and Communication Systems & Chief Information Officer

Craig Janke
Senior Manager, Facilities Maintenance

Colleen Panno Olson
Manager, Capital Planning and Asset Management

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Sustainability policy

Learn how principles of sustainability are integral to our day-to-day operations. Through policy, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of environmental quality, social responsibility and economic prosperity.

Sustainability agreements

MacEwan University has made a commitment to sustainability through the following agreements:

Talloires Declaration

Signed February 2009

Through endorsement of the Talloires Declaration, MacEwan University has pledged to support environmental citizenship at all levels on campus, with the goal of advancing global environmental literacy and sustainable development.

Read the declaration (PDF)

Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability

Signed May 2009

The Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability commits signatories to foster sustainability practices and principles across all campus functions and encourages a participatory process in achieving these goals.

Read the protocol (PDF)

University and College Presidents' Climate Change Statement of Action

Signed June 2009

The University and College Presidents’ Climate Change Statement of Action commits the University to address climate change. This will involve developing a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventory, establishing reduction targets, and facilitating an implementation plan and reduction strategy.

Learn more about the statement of action

Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

In 2011, the MacEwan University School of Business signed on to PRME, an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact Office that focuses on integrating human rights, labour rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption into the university curriculum. Several School of Business courses include sustainability as part of their curricula.

Learn more about PRME