Food Security

We care about food security. We are committed to providing a “from-farm-to-plate” approach to food on campus. Together with Campus Services, we are creating a Food Conscious Campus.

Our commitment to food security is accomplished partly through urban food systems on campus, including Tower Gardens, Urban Cultivators and Urban Beekeeping Project. These projects help our kitchens serve fresh, organic, local food to MacEwan students, faculty and staff while reducing the environmental impact of daily operations.

Our partnership

Urban cultivators

The Urban Cultivators Project began in 2016, when Campus Services developed a fresh food plan that used underutilized space on campus to grow food indoors. The urban cultivators indoor gardening system uses a nutrient solution to grow produce, herbs and micro-greens and supplies campus food vendors with organic and fresh ingredients for food made right on campus. Having an initiative like our food cultivators helps mitigate the university’s ecological footprint.

Locally sourced food

We know that food quality improves when we use a farm-to-plate model. When possible, we partner with locally sourced food providers to help reduce food production impacts. It’s our goal to purchase as much locally grown food as possible through our partnership with Aramark.

Beekeeping and honey

Our flow hives produced 270 pounds of honey in 2018. We are proud to showcase our honey bees and our beekeeper's efforts and are always looking to partner with local businesses to support our Urban Beekeeping Project. We support multiple products, including honey, soap, vinaigrette and beer made with MacEwan honey.


A fresh food campus

MacEwan University is taking the "eat local" movement to heart—by growing food right on campus. Urban cultivators, an indoor gardening system, provides food vendors in the cafeteria with ingredients that are grown only a few steps away.