Urban Beekeeping


MacEwan University loves bees. Protecting pollinators, increasing their habitat, supporting plant diversity, educating our community about the link between bees and food security—we play a key role in the urban beekeeping movement.

Close to half a million bees currently make MacEwan University home, living in the six flow-hives on the roof of Building 5 and the ground-level bee hotel for solitary bees. During the 2018 fall harvest, we gathered just over 77 litres of honey, which we used in MacEwan recipes or sold, with the proceeds invested back into the project.


Collaboration at its buzziest

Bees work in collectives and so do we. MacEwan University’s Urban Beekeeping project is a joint effort, led by the Office of Sustainability and Campus Services, and supported by Food Services; Security, Health, Safety and Environment and resident beekeeper, Troy Donovan. 





One of the really remarkable things about MacEwan Honey is that you can't get much more local than on top of your roof.
— Kalen Pilkington, director, Office of Sustainability


Bee activities for everyone

Urban beekeeping tours—either the biking or walking variety. Presentations at conferences and in classrooms. Our annual fall honey sale. We host bee events all year round.