Waste Reduction

We are committed to reducing waste on campus, taking measures to reach our long- and short-term goals to be a more sustainable and prosperous campus.

Green to Go

Disposable packaging is a waste problem affecting all corners of the world. The Green-to-Go program gives the MacEwan community a reusable container option to limit disposable packaging waste. Simply ask any of our food vendors for a green-to-go container. After you eat, wash the container and return it to receive a stamp card. Collect ten stamps to receive a free meal.


Paper and bottle recycling bins are located throughout campus. We continue to review the ways we manage waste, with an eye to providing even more effective recycling options.


Two composting bins are available on campus to help reduce the amount of food waste sent to the landfill. Currently a pilot project, eventually we hope to see the entire university compost used coffee grounds.

Kick the cup

Coffee is a very important requirement in many peoples’ lives. Whether you are staying up late, waking up early or just pushing through a major assignment, the difference a cup of coffee makes can seem monumental. But as we know, coffee cups are one of the largest waste contributors on campus, so we’ve tried to find ways to help reduce the number of disposable cups being used. Receive a 10 cent to 25 cent discount from our retail stores on campus when you use a reusable mug.

Suite score

Students living in residence often don’t want to take everything they’ve collected through the course of a year home with them. MacEwan Residence and the Office of Sustainability have found a place for these ditched items. The Suite Score program keeps unwanted items out of the trash by donating them to Goodwill Alberta. From sheets, to cutlery, pots, pans, electronics and small furniture, many items are donated and reused.

Bedroom recycling program

Our partners at MacEwan Residence understand that one student's trash may be another's treasure. The Bedroom Recycling Program collects discarded items from departing students and offers them to incoming students, helping divert waste from the landfill. Often these recycled items are offered to international students who are living in residence each semester.


Starter kit extraordinaire

Giving unwanted household items a second life—that's what the Suite Score and Bedroom Recycling programs are all about. When students leave residence, they can donate the items they don't want to the next term's residents. When we pay it forward, everyone benefits.