MacEwan holds first certified Green Event

May 22, 2019 | Campus Life
Every year, MacEwan University holds Organizational Development Day, where staff, faculty and university leadership come together to learn, connect with each other and plan for the university’s future.

This year, the event also marked an important milestone – it was the first to meet the green certification standards outlined in the university’s new Green Event Guide.

The guide, developed by MacEwan’s Office of Sustainability, provides guidelines for events that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

The result was an event that was conscientious on many levels. ASL interpretation services, wheelchair accessibility and access to all-gender washrooms created a socially inclusive environment. Waste was reduced by serving food buffet-style (to avoid individual wrappings) and with reusable bamboo cutlery. Printing was limited and only paper with recycled content was used. Reusable decor items – such as potted herb centrepieces – proved that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for sustainability.

“We chose to do this on Organizational Development Day because we wanted to be very intentional about living our sustainability principles,” says Marcy Strong, manager of organizational development. “It really made us think about the choices we made as we designed and delivered the event. We are taking what we learned this year to ensure that we can be even more sustainable in the future.”

According to Marcy, the standards in the Green Event Guide aren’t prohibitive. “It was very easy to do,” she says. The guide is available upon request through the Office of Sustainability.

Integrated Strategic Plan

Much of this year’s Organizational Development Day revolved around the university’s draft Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP). Staff and faculty heard details on the plan’s strategic directions and weighed in on potential priorities for each direction. To learn more about the draft plan and provide your feedback, visit the ISP web page.

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