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At MacEwan University, we do more than talk about sustainability. We act. We innovate. We motivate. We are change agents seeking to create a thriving, equitable, resilient and ecologically healthy future on campus and in our community.

A campus bike plan. MacEwan’s urban beekeeping project. The student-led Sustainability Leadership Council. An interdisciplinary sustainability course. These are just a few of the activities spearheaded by the Office of Sustainability. We work closely with students, staff and faculty, supporting campus leaders to solve sustainability challenges. We empower individuals and groups to work toward social, environmental, economic and cultural sustainability.


Student leaders wanted 

You want to make meaningful change on campus, and you don't mind working hard to do so. The Sustainability Leadership Council (SLC) puts you front and centre in creating a culture of sustainability on campus. 

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Campus Sustainability Plan

Our activities are guided by the Campus Sustainability Plan, which provides direction for academic programming, outreach activities, campus operations and leadership.


I am prepared to stand before my Maker... with no other plea
than that I have tried to leave things in His Vineyard better
than I found them.