Black and white career path

September 10, 2014

Prestigious photography magazine publishes alum’s fine art pics

Christopher Shaw’s love of visual arts began as a child when his mother taught him to paint. Using National Geographic wildlife photos as inspiration, he brought animals to life on paper while building his passion for creating.

It wasn’t until he was in high school at Edmonton’s Victoria School of the Arts that he picked up a camera for the first time.

IMAGE-story-ChrisShaw_photo“Before we got a ‘real’ camera, we had to make one out of cardboard and use tinfoil with a pinprick for a lens,” he recalls. “Once I was in the darkroom and saw the image emerge in the chemical bath, I was hooked, just like so many photographers before me.”

After graduating from high school, Christopher worked in carpentry for a few months, but felt out of place. Though the carpentry job didn’t pan out, it helped him realize that creating – not building – was his real career aspiration. He graduated from MacEwan University’s Design and Photography major of Design Studies in 2011, and has been growing his photography portfolio and career ever since. He says that even over the past few months, his portfolio has evolved – from portraits to fine art photography.

His current focus is urban landscape at night, a portfolio of which won a spotlight feature in Black & White, an international fine art photography magazine. Back in his student days, Chris scoured magazine racks for inspiration, and always found it in Black & White.

“I’ve always loved Black & White magazine,” he says. “Not to mention, I had a hard time shooting anything other than black and white photography at the time.”

Earlier this year, he entered a series of photographs (see part of one above) in the magazine’s 2014 portfolio contest, and was one of 28 individuals from around the world to be named a Spotlight winner.

“This is just the start of my career and I’m not sure what this award means,” says Chris. “It must mean that my work is appreciated, which is great. But in the end, it just fuels me to keep practicing the craft and continue doing what I love.”

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