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January 1, 2015


Dealmaker. Contender. Driven to succeed.

In real estate, winning and losing come with the territory. Bradyn Arth, a sales associate at CBRE Limited in Edmonton, understands. His strategy is not to dwell on the losses, but to learn from them and move on. His competitive nature keeps him focused on the next win.

“Nobody likes to lose,” says Bradyn. “You want to win every listing you get. You want to sell every piece of real estate. But that’s not always going to be the case. You have to have thick skin.”

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That philosophy is drawn from the entrepreneurial environment he grew up in. Both his father and grandfather were entrepreneurs. His father co-owned a clothing store in Westlock before moving the family moved to St. Albert and starting a staffing agency. Throughout high school and university, Bradyn threw himself wholeheartedly into all sorts of temp positions to help out his parents and their clients.

In university, though he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, Bradyn figured entrepreneurship would be the direction of his life. After all, it was the route so many of his family members had taken. And when he saw the success one of his sisters was having in real estate, a light bulb switched on. Would a career in real estate be the right fit for Bradyn?


“I didn’t like the emotions involved in residential real estate,” he says. An otherwise perfect match between buyer and property is foiled by old wallpaper, placement of an island or lack of crown molding. Sentimental value plays a role too. Bradyn just didn’t have a connection to the emotional complications involved in residential real estate, and admits he doesn’t like to see those emotions get in the way of a deal.

“I like when you can walk into an industrial building, crunch the square feet on the rent and if it makes financial sense, you love that building.”

In his fourth year of university, Bradyn connected with a family friend’s son, who was a real estate agent with CBRE Limited in Calgary. As the agent explained what he did for a living, Bradyn became more and more interested. Through this connection, he secured an interview with the office’s managing director, and aced it. He has been with CBRE ever since.

“ You can’t walk into an office not knowing anything about the market, and ask someone to sell their building with you. You need to know what’s going on. ” Bradyn Arth

However, before he could begin wheeling and dealing in commercial properties, Bradyn was put into a role called “research”—an introductory position for industry freshmen. It’s a two-year grind, and doesn’t pay much; the days are long and you’re at the beck and call of your coworkers. But it’s an in, and if the researcher sees a better opportunity in the office, they can graduate from it into a more permanent role.

“You need to do it to learn the industry,” says Bradyn. “You can’t walk into an office not knowing anything about the market, and ask someone to sell their building with you. You need to know what’s going on.”

After just six months, Bradyn was pulled out of research by his mentor, and for the last four years they have worked together, specializing in multifamily and residential lands.

“He took me under his wing,” says Bradyn, who now works out of CBRE’s Edmonton office. “He had faith in me and partnered with me after year one.”

His mentor’s involvement has been instrumental in Bradyn’s success—he’s now an award-winning top producer and has been involved in sales over $525 million. “You need a mentor and you need to be a protégé in this industry.”

Bradyn cites the Station on Whyte deal as one of his most memorable. He took it on as a project after condo sales proved difficult and turned it around to connect the building with the right buyer. Finalizing the deal was a two-and-a-half year process, but Bradyn says the experience taught him patience and persistence.

“You never know where things are going to end up,” he says. “That was my first big deal from start to finish. We could have another deal on the go because it was a success.”

It was a major win in Bradyn’s career, and he’s sure to achieve many more.

Bradyn Arth is an alumnus of the Bachelor of Commerce program. For more information about the program, visit

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