Distinguished alum: Nate Lueck

November 29, 2019
Nate Lueck is a musician, composer and producer, and one of this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award recipients. Here is Nate’s message to graduates.

One of the most common questions floating around the musician community is “How did you get that gig?” The honest answer for the first number of years: “Craigslist.” I took gigs ranging from singer-songwriter sets, to a kids’ music band involving a sequined tailcoat and top hat, to a gig at Lincoln Center that actually turned out to be Lincoln Center Hall, a junior high school gymnasium five blocks away. Oh, and we didn’t play, we mimed. And I didn’t end up getting paid.

But it all started adding up slowly, and several years later, after doing some overseas touring and shaking a lot of hands, I got a message from someone who owned one of those hands asking me to audition for a new musical that had its sights on Broadway – Come From Away.

The outcome of a career is never certain. I must be soberly aware that I could be back on Craigslist this time next year. Nothing is certain, even when we are granted a measure of success.

And that confidence will be with you regardless of the level of success you enjoy.

Watch Nate's complete message to graduates:

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