Happy National Coffee Day!

September 29, 2016

Fill up your cup and read a sleeve

Image-story-coffee_sleeve_mstoreCoffee is the lifeblood that flows through the halls of MacEwan University. It gets us through early morning classes and keeps us fueled for late-night study sessions. Coffee is such a big part of MacEwan’s culture (and university life) that the mstore sells a special City Centre Campus cup warmer.

Also, you can find fair trade coffee at the C-store, in the Robbins Health Learning Centre and at the Centre for the Arts and Communications. The university’s fair trade certification is a joint initiative of the Office of Sustainability and Food Services. And if you’re a fan of Transcend Coffee, get a cup of their coveted brew at the Bean’s List in Building 5.

So to celebrate National Coffee Day, and the rich beverage that keeps us going, we share a coffee sleeve story by Bachelor of Communications Studies alumna Sarah Hamill (from Portraits of MacEwan).

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Sarah Hamill, Bachelor of Communication Studies, ’16

Image-story-coffee_day-SHamillI was seriously bullied in junior high school. Really, really badly. I went home crying every day. “Puberty Limbo” is about that, but it’s also about fitting in. In junior high, nobody really fits in, so the only way you can is to accept that you won’t. That’s what we call the capital-T truth of the story.

I was under the gun when I wrote “Puberty Limbo.” I needed one more page to finish the 25-page portfolio for my grad school application. When I found three lines I had written for one of my classes, this really short story came together in 20 minutes. It just happened. I didn’t show the story to anyone and hoped the rest of my application was strong enough. I guess it was. I’m going to grad school and the story is part of the #yegwords coffee sleeves project.

Read her story on MacEwan.ca/Facebook.

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