Hockey alum stays connected

April 14, 2020

In his four years playing hockey as a MacEwan Griffin, Matthew Peddie was able to build strong connections with his teammates and become part of the MacEwan community while earning a degree and developing confidence that would prove to be instrumental in the next stages of his life.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2014, he has been committed to supporting student athletes and representing alumni. Not only is he currently the president of the Griffins’s Men’s Hockey Alumni, but earlier this year he joined MacEwan’s new Alumni Advisory Council.

Q. How did being a student athlete get you involved in community engagement?

As a student athlete, your whole life revolves around school and sport. After I graduated, there was a fundamental shift in focus away from sport and the connections that were built, and I wanted to find a way to continue to stay connected and also support the opportunities for players coming into the program. I felt that I took a lot away from my time at MacEwan and wanted to support others that felt the same way and help provide opportunities for those still currently at MacEwan.

Q. What stands out to you about your Griffins hockey career?

I’ll never forget the relationships I developed with the team and the opportunities that I had on and off the ice. Though we were never able to win a championship, our team improved each year. Six years since graduating, some of my closest friends and the people I look to for support or guidance are those that I met through playing for the Griffins.

Q. What were you initially planning to do with your degree and what changed for you, if anything?

Coming out of high school, I was focused on playing hockey. After time at the U of A in kinesiology and time away playing hockey, I ended up starting at MacEwan in open studies, still trying to figure out what I wanted as a career in the future. With guidance from different family members and friends, I decided to do a business degree and major in accounting.

I definitely didn’t plan out what I’m doing now — my work is focused on corporate finance, and specifically mergers and acquisitions, for Ernst & Young (EY). After my time at MacEwan, I was given the opportunity to work for a growing accounting firm in the Edmonton area and pursue a masters of professional accounting and a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. I spent a few years in accounting working under strong mentors and was interested in continuing to learn and trying something different, so I made the move to EY. Since then, I’ve completed a Chartered Business Valuation designation.

At MacEwan, I was thrown into interactive situations due to the smaller class sizes. This forced me to improve my communication skills with my peers and become more knowledgeable and confident, and today I interact with business owners, professionals and C-suite executives to advise on their strategies.

Q. What was it about your student experience that inspired you to join the Alumni Advisory Council and what do you hope to accomplish?

I wanted to help other former student athletes continue to stay connected and have the opportunity to support the teams that meant so much at one point in their life. As part of the Men’s Hockey Alumni, I want to be able to help make a difference on a larger scale for athletics and for MacEwan as a whole, and when the Alumni Advisory Council was developed, this provided the perfect opportunity.

As the athletics representative on the council, I’m hoping I’m able to drive more awareness of MacEwan sport with alumni and the local community as a whole to help showcase the strong group of student athletes. Alongside a driven group of MacEwan grads, I’m hoping we’re able to help alumni make meaningful connections to the school and help facilitate both a higher volume of and stronger relationships with alumni.


New Alumni Advisory Council represents MacEwan University's 75,000 graduates

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