The Class of 2018 passes it on

June 18, 2018 | Campus Life

Graduates support future students through Alumni Legacy Fund

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MacEwan University’s Class of 2018 are set to collect their degrees, diplomas and certificates at their convocation ceremonies. And as they officially make the transition from students to alumni, many are choosing to leave their mark by helping the next group of students.

The university recently established the Alumni Legacy Fund, which will provide scholarships, awards and bursaries to future students. The fund was launched with an initiative called Pass It On, which encourages members of the Class of 2018 to make donations of $18 to support those who will follow in their footsteps.

“The Alumni Legacy Fund is important for many reasons,” says Sarah Branton, manager of Community Development at MacEwan. “We want to give new graduates the opportunity to leave a legacy for those who will come after them. We want to instill a culture of philanthropy in our alumni that will carry forward into their professional lives.”

Though a contribution of $18 might not seem like it’s enough to make a difference, Sarah believes the collective impact will be significant. “The fund will grow based on the cumulative effect of the number of donors,” she says. “That’s why a small donation can go such a long way.”

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Students who aren’t able to contribute financially can still pass on their support. As part of the Alumni Legacy Fund’s launch, grads are also encouraged to share their best university tips and advice for future students on social media using the hashtag #TheNextYou. “We want students to understand that alumni are in their corner, and they are committed to helping the next generation fulfil their educational goals,” says Sarah. “We hope this campaign not only supports students monetarily, but also helps them by providing guidance, advice and support from our graduates.”

Sarah believes the fund will help build new connections within the university community. “Supporting your alma mater shows that you believe in the work being done at the university,” she says. “Students should feel supported by their alumni, staff and faculty. This is a fantastic way to show that we are in their corner and committed to ensuring they have a positive experience.”

Learn more about Pass It On and the Alumni Legacy Fund. 

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