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November 8, 2018 | Campus Life

This year, we asked alumni to share their advice, encouragement and wisdom with students embarking on or in the midst of their university journey.

We received everything from practical parking tips to suggestions for study spots to thoughts on how not to be too hard on yourself. Read the advice our alumni wanted to pass on:

Ismael Shreen (Bachelor of Arts '15)
Do not back into angled parking – I learned this the hard way when I got a ticket. Oh, and make sure you still remember there is a life outside of studying and exams and papers. Call your mom sometimes. 

Kaitlyn Wilson (Bachelor of Communication Studies '15)
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Asking “why” comes in handy now and in the future.

Jackie Schelpe (Acupuncture '13)
The room just behind the stairs on the ground floor of the Robbins is a nice place to study. There are couches and it’s usually pretty quiet.

Laura Ferguson (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology '12)
When writing research papers, always do your reference page first – especially when you don't feel like writing at all. It’s an easy way to accomplish something!

Keith Pineau (Business Administration ‘80)
Whatever path you choose, be sure you love it, because you will likely spend about a third of your life working, a third sleeping (so make sure you have a good bed!) and the other third enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Amanda Kettner (Bachelor of Commerce ‘16)
Get yourself a good agenda. Write down when your assignments are due at the beginning of the semester, and then work week by week on what needs to be done. Break up assignments into small tasks, one hour every day instead of six hours on the weekend or the night before.

Melanie Morril (Acupuncture ‘17)
Take advantage of your health care benefits and the services MacEwan offers. Student acupuncturists and and massage therapists are available on campus. Have a healthy body for a healthy mind.

Jill Sliwkanich (Bachelor of Communication Studies ‘16)
Make friends in class so you can create notes and study together. Exercise can get your creative juices flowing. The upper bleachers at the pool are a relaxing place to study. Pack a lunch to save money.

Vivian Giang (Professional Writing ‘07)
Whatever the result of this term, remember that it is only a measurement of what you are doing now, and not a measure of who you are. You are an ever-evolving person with the ability to positively impact those around you, not just a course grade.

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