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Finding love on campus

February 14, 2019 | Campus Life

My plan was to wait until the final exam in our Business Ethics class to ask Amanda out on a date. I thought, if it’s meant to be, we’ll hand in our exams at the same time and that would be the perfect opportunity. But a few weeks before the final, I saw her studying by the Bean’s List in Building 5 and I gave myself a mini-pep talk and just asked her. It was a good thing I did because she finished her test well before me. Two and a half years later, I would give myself another pep talk and ask her to marry me on campus.


I wasn’t really expecting it because I was preoccupied with planning a birthday date that I knew Josh would enjoy. We had a great time, but I was a little curious why he brought his jacket for a mid-August date — turns out he was carrying the ring box. We had to make a quick stop to feed my aunt’s cat at the Square 104 apartments and when we drove there, he parked at MacEwan, which I thought was a little weird. On the way back, we sat down on a bench underneath one of the apple trees outside Building 5 and he proposed! It was very MacEwan-y. I wouldn’t have thought that you could find love in a Business Ethics class, but I’m glad I said yes to that first date.

— Joshua and Amanda Morris, Bachelor of Commerce (’15)

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