6 unbelievable summer adventures

October 4, 2017

From studio sessions in Prague to undergraduate research in the Arctic—you won’t believe how our students and faculty members spent their summer vacation.

If you weren’t catching up on your summer reading or taking an extra class or two, you might have been working or kicking back by the lake. Not bad ways to spend the summer months. But these students and faculty members had different plans.

So much more than rocks Brianna Bell, an earth and planetary sciences major in the Bachelor of Science program, spent part of her summer learning about the oil and gas industry and exploring Fernie, Lake Louise and Waterton as the first MacEwan University student to take part in the Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) hosted by Canada’s Energy Geoscientists.
(Photo courtesy of Brianna Bell) Cool summer When Alexandre Caouette and Rabecca Thiessen, Bachelor of Science students majoring in Biological Sciences, were hired as research assistants for Earth and Planetary Sciences profs Dr. Anna Pienkowski and Dr. Mark Furze, they never expected they would get assist on board an icebreaker ship in the Arctic.
(Photo courtesy of Rabecca Thiessen) Ice breaker “To be able to go to the Arctic, a place where few people have gone, and to know that the work we’re doing might possibly become a paper or something that can change the world in some way was so powerful,” says Alexandre.
(Photo courtesy of Alexandre Caouette) Hit me with your best shot Kenny Bhullar, a Bachelor of Commerce marketing major, summoned his years of mixed martial arts training and went down to Las Vegas to compete in the American Nationals of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. It belongs in a museum! “I just started pulling bones out of the test pit.” That’s how Josalyne Head spent her third day of an archaeological dig. She and seven other anthropology majors lived through poor air conditions, extreme heat and site robbers during their field school—right here in Edmonton’s Mill Creek Ravine.
International recording session Paul Johnston, recording head, and John McMillan, music faculty member, journeyed to Prague to record John’s compositions with the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra.
(Photo courtesy of John McMillan) Beautiful music “On one hand, we get the experience of going abroad and recording a cool project and on the other, we have physical and anecdotal teaching material,” says John.
(Photo courtesy of John McMillan) Welcome to the jungle Six journalism students (Courtney Bettin, Sierra Bilton, Hamdi Issawi, Jake Pesaruk, Maria Silva and Jazmin Tremblay), a political science major (Phillip Swallow) and two faculty members (Brian Gorman and Jason Symington) from the Bachelor of Communication Studies program were in Ecuador in May to tell the story of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station.
(Photo courtesy of Jazmin Tremblay) Fragile ecosystem The group came back with a big story (told in words, photos and videos) about the “struggle to find a balance between economics and the environment in a unique and fragile ecosystem.”
(Photo courtesy of Hamdi Issawi)

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