Kent Karaki, Microcomputer Specialist '03 and Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration '20, is a member of the Alumni Advisory Council and a donor to the university

Meet Alumni Advisory Council member Kent Karaki

March 29, 2021 | Campus Life
Kent Karaki’s connections to MacEwan University run deep.

He graduated from the Microcomputer Specialist program in 2003 and from the Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration in 2020. He also works as the team lead for information technology operations at MacEwan, and is now a member of the Alumni Advisory Council.

“I remember coming to campus for my job interview, walking down the halls and into the library, and having this distinct feeling of comfort – like returning home,” he says. “As an employee of the IT department, I’m humbled by the growth and development that the university community has provided me. When the opportunity to join the Alumni Advisory Council arose, it felt natural to give back to the university community.”

We spoke to Karaki about what he’s learned – and how he’s giving back – through his many connections to MacEwan.

Q.What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Alumni Advisory Council?

MacEwan prepares students for the workforce after graduation. It’s fitting that MacEwan also provides career opportunities for the students that once attended. I want to raise awareness among former, current and prospective students that the education they receive at MacEwan translates directly into relevant, prosperous careers.

Q.You’re also a MacEwan employee – does that shape your perspective or any of your initiatives on the Alumni Advisory council?

Absolutely! We want MacEwan alumni to be recognized and celebrated as valued members of the university community. Having former students serve as employees underscores the strategic values of the university. We want staff alumni to be able to experience the same collaborative energy they had as students, but now as part of the university’s operations.

Q.What is one thing that you associate with your time at MacEwan?

In the early 2000s, MacEwan would host concert events in the cafeteria that were only for MacEwan students – almost like private shows. The bands that played were considered smaller acts at the time, but many of them went on to have big careers – artists like Tegan and Sara, Watchmen and Big Wreck.

Q.You work in IT but recently studied human service administration – why the switch?

I really wanted to further develop my management and leadership skills. MacEwan is tremendously supportive of professional development, so I enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration. As I finished the first few classes, I realized that the challenges in managing staff in traditional human services are no different than in IT. Showing respect and appreciation to your staff can translate into highly collaborative and productive teams.

Q.What do you do in your spare time?

I am a father of three, so most of my free time is spent driving to and from hockey or gymnastics, and practicing flashcards. When I’m able to carve out some solitary time, I enjoy jogging, biking and doing projects around the house.

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