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Perhaps you met Dr. Grant MacEwan himself in the days he happily wandered campus hallways chatting with students. Maybe you attended fine art classes in the west end when the new campus opened in the early 1980s, rode the highs and lows of playing on a Griffins sports team or strutted the stage in a MacEwan theatre production.

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Memory Lane

We want to hear your MacEwan stories, share in your memories and smile at your photos. The next time you take a walk down memory lane, take us with you.


College days. University days. Good old days.

Enjoy this collection of MacEwan moments. Be inspired to send us photos of your own glory days.

Paul Byrne Convocation, 2005 Men's Griffins Basketball Team October 1991 Jasper Place Campus October 1989 Oktoberfest Alumni Event October 1986 Homecoming Dinner at Jasper Place Campus May 1984 Nick & Nancy Porozni and Peter & Millie Cassowan May 1984 Alumni Association President, Susan O'Connor 1987 'Step Into...' Cromdale Campus 1984 Cromdale Campus 1984 Old Scona School Campus 1977

We have yearbooks

Between 1976 and 1998, MacEwan captured the year's highlights in yearbooks. Yes, that's right—we have photo evidence of those glorious fashions you wore. Stop by MacEwan University's City Centre Campus library, flip through our yearbooks and enjoy the memories.

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