A Culture of Inclusion

We all have the right to study on a campus that is free from discrimination, to participate in our culture, to express ourselves freely. At MacEwan University, we lead the way in promoting a campus culture that values and respects inclusion.

Understanding human rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that every person should have. In Alberta, the Human Rights Act ensures that all Albertans have an equal opportunity to earn a living, find a place to live and enjoy other services.

Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly or differently, whether intentionally or not, based on one or more than one of the protected grounds identified in the Alberta Human Rights Act: race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, family status, source of income, sexual orientation and, in some situations, age.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Diversity on campus or read about human rights legislation in Alberta.

Alberta Human Rights Commission

Alberta Human Rights Act

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