Campus Initiatives

Through education and training, we can more fully understand the impact of oppression and discrimination. Join us at one of these initiatives and support a consciously inclusive campus community. 

The Equity Project

Elevating Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion at MacEwan

This initiative supports projects that focus on diversity, inclusion, equity and/or human rights. Open to MacEwan University students, staff and faculty, project requests might include hosting a panel presentation, organizing a film screening, developing a poster campaign or other types of awareness-raising initiatives. We do not accept proposals to fund academic research that is carried out in the normal course of work or study or that may be eligible for research funding. 

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and should be submitted at least four weeks prior to your event.

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Support for good ideas

Christine Feron, a fourth-year psychology student, wanted to help MacEwan students who are parents of young children to access supports. Assistance from The Equity Project allowed her to gather and distribute that information in a single handy resource.


Human Rights, Diversity and Equity Student Award

Human rights matter to you. You believe in the value of diversity and are committed to creating a more equitable world. You want to share your ideas with the MacEwan community. Apply for this student award and see your project come to life.

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The Inclusive Classroom

At this series of workshops, faculty learn about key trends and challenges that universities face regarding human rights. Through discussion and dialogue, participants share observations and experiences related to human rights, diversity and equity at MacEwan, with the intention of developing a community of practice to support human rights related work at MacEwan.


Understanding hate

Through public presentations, panel discussion, film screenings and other formats, we explore the topic of hate and its impact on diversity and inclusion.


United Nations Human Rights Awareness Days

The United Nations designates specific days, weeks, years and decades as occasions to mark events or topics that promote awareness and action on key human rights issues. Many of these days are celebrated with events organized by MacEwan’s Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity.

United Nations international days