Mental Health


At MacEwan University, we care about your mental health and well-being. If you are feeling low or overwhelmed, are having trouble sleeping or are concerned about making connections or relationships, you’re not alone.

Many students have similar concerns, and we can help you manage these challenges and others in a healthy, positive way. If we aren’t able to help, we can connect you with someone who can.

Changing Minds

Ask questions. Support others. Explore health and wellness resources on and off campus. Creating a supportive culture about mental health makes MacEwan a better place for everyone.

Changing Minds Feature Image

German Shepherd dog

Stress-busting dogs

Pets reduce stress. We all know it, and the Pets Assisting with Student Success (PAWSS) program is doing something about it. When he was a MacEwan student, Dejan would visit the PAWSS dogs during exam week; now his pup Ajax is a part of the program.