Students moving into residence

Whether you’re heading home for the summer and plan to come back next year or you’re bidding a forever farewell to your days in residence, we want move-out day to go as smoothly as possible.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition out of residence—and to avoid a $100 improper check-out fee. And don’t forget to leave a bit of time for reflecting on all you’ve learned, the friends you’ve made and the good times you had.

Book a move-out appointment at the front desk 

When you know the date and time you'll be leaving, book a check-out appointment. Schedule it for sometime within the two weeks leading up to the final move-out day.

Popular time slots fill up quickly, so book early.

Check deadlines

Change your mailing address

Notify your family, friends and all institutions (for example, banks and loan offices) of your change in address and new telephone contact information at least three weeks before your departure.

Due to Canada Post regulations, Residence Services can’t hold and won’t forward mail (such as employment T4s, study permits, travel visas and passports) or parcels after you leave. You can use Canad Post's address redirection service to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

Mail Forwarding with Canada Post

Clean your suite 

Make sure your room is clean and all your personal belongings are out of your room on your scheduled move-out day. At the front desk, you can sign out bins for a maximum of two hours for transporting your belongings to your vehicle. Need to buy boxes? Come to the front desk anytime to do so.

After you move out, your room will be inspected and you will be notified if additional damage or cleaning fees have been assessed.


The Cleaning Checklist is a quick reference tool to ease your transition out of residence. Items of note:

  • Talk to your roommate about cleaning. If your roommate moves out five days before your move-out, you’ll be solely responsible for cleanliness in your suite upon inspection. If your roommate departs less than five days before your departure, any cleanliness fees could be shared.

  • Give your assigned bedroom and all common areas (kitchen, bathroom and living room) a thorough clean. Failure to conduct a sufficient clean will result in cleaning fees.

  • Empty all trash and recycling bins and take everything to the designated areas.

  • Close and secure your bedroom window.

  • Turn off the lights in your bedroom and the common areas.

  • Lock and close the bedroom door.

  • Remove all your personal items from the fridge and freezer.

  • Lock and close the suite exit door.

Cleaning checklist


Check to make sure nothing is left behind

Make sure no personal belongings are left in your bedroom or the common areas. When checking your room, we often find items left behind in drawers under the bed, desk drawers, shower stalls, under the sinks, fridge, drawers, cabinets and closet areas.

Abandoned items

If you leave items in your rooms and we know they’re yours, we consider them to be abandoned. We store abandoned items for up to 90 days (except for food, which is thrown out or donated). If items aren’t claimed within the allotted time frame, they are donated to charity. If abandoned items pose a health and safety risk to residents, staff and the building, they’ll be disposed of right away.

Donate unneeded items

During our April move-out days, bins are available for you to donate almost anything you don’t want to take with you. Just place your clean and reusable items in the appropriate bin found in the main lobby. If you are donating clothing with pockets, remember to check the pockets. Each year we find items like cash, driver’s licenses and credit cards in pockets.

Items to donate

  • Clothes and shoes

  • Electrical items (anything with a plug or battery operated)

  • Books and stationery

  • Dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, and other kitchen equipment

  • DVDs and CDs

  • Small furniture

  • Cleaning products, toiletries and beauty products

Unfortunately, older tube televisions are no longer considered reusable, and social agencies no longer take them as donations. You’ll have to take them with you or dispose of them off of residence property. Please don’t place them in our garbage bin and/or garbage room.

Non-perishable sealed or canned food

If you have non-perishable food items that you’d like to donate, place them in the MacEwan Student Association Food Bank bin. Don’t place garbage in these bins

Submit a Landlord Reference Form

If you are entering into another rental situation in the future, potential landlords may require references. Submitting a Landlord Reference Form to the front desk gives us permission to talk about your account.

Landlord Reference Form

Settle your account and return your keys

After you have moved everything out of your room and cleaned it thoroughly, you need to:

  • Drop off your keys at the front desk.

  • Pay outstanding amounts on your account (for example, laundry card replacement, room extension or lock out fees).

As well, this is a good time to follow the directions on the back of your laundry card to receive a refund on the balance.

Pay cleaning and damage fees (if assessed) or receive refunds

Within six to eight weeks of checking out of residence, you will receive an email from Residence Services letting you know whether or not you are being charged damage or cleaning fees. If you are being charged a fee, payment is due within 14 days of receiving the email.

Appeal requests

If you would like to appeal the charge(s), you have 10 business days from the receipt date of the email to do so. Appeals can be emailed to with the subject line, Appeal and include your previous suite number.

You must also include your reasoning behind your appeal with information and photos to back up your appeal request.

Deposit refunds for non-MacEwan students

If you are a resident who is not a MacEwan student, your confirmation deposit is held as a security deposit. If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive it 6 to 8 weeks after your move-out date.

The method of payment determines the method of refund you receive:

  • If payment is made by debit, cheque or money order, the refund will be issued in cheque format.

  • If a credit card was used, that specific credit card will be refunded.



Change of plans?

Sometimes circumstances change—if you need to leave residence earlier than your move-out day or need to extend your contract to stay longer, we can help you with the process.

Moving out before your contract ends

If you want to leave MacEwan Residence prior to the expiry of your Residence Agreement, you must submit a Request to Withdraw Form at least one month prior to moving out unless there are extenuating reasons.

Fees and/or penalties

Completing the Request to Withdraw Form does not terminate the Residence Agreement and/or release you from financial obligations to MacEwan Residence under the terms of the Residence Agreement; it is a notification to Residence Services of your desire to withdraw from residence. In all cases, if you choose to depart MacEwan Residence prior to fulfilling your obligation to MacEwan Residence, you will need to pay a fee for doing so.

Residence Services considers requests for early withdrawal without penalty only under exceptional circumstances (for example, hospitalization, serious illness or a death in the family). The Housing Manager will meet with you to discuss your request and will notify you of a decision in writing. In this case, the Request to Withdraw Form should be accompanied by supporting documentation proving extenuating circumstances.

Request to withdraw form

Extending your contract

Extending your contract for another term

If you would like to extend your contract for another term, submit a Contract Extension Request Form along with the extension fee.

Contract extension request form


Extending your contract for a few days

If you’re seeking an extension to stay in residence a few days beyond the final move-out date, you need to complete a daily extension form. You can find the form in the departure package that was emailed to you. You will be charged a daily extension fee after the form is processed and approved.

Not all daily extension requests are approved. Each individual request is subject to review and approval. You must provide supporting documentation when you submit the Extension Form (for example, an exam schedule or airline ticket). Failure to do so may result in a declined request. Forms submitted after the deadline are considered late and may not be approved.

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Donate to next term’s students

A roll of plastic wrap, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, paper and binders—you don’t have to take everything with you when you leave residence. When you put unwanted items in the bins in the lobby, they are given to next year's international students.