Four-bedroom Suite

Not available 2021-22

This suite type is not available for Fall/Winter 2021-22.


Residence - Four Bedroom Suite

Live among friends in a four-bedroom suite, also known as a “quad.” You and three roommates share a spacious, furnished living room and a kitchenette. You each have your own large, private bedroom with an individual lock. You share two bathrooms, with a separate sink and vanity outside each bathroom.

What’s included


Internet IconInternet service


Microwave IconMicrowave


Lightbulb IconElectricity, heat & water


Fridge/Freezer IconFridge with freezer


Double Bed IconDouble bed (54” x 80”)


Stovetop IconStovetop


Bedside Table IconBedside table


Dining Table and Chairs IconDining table & chairs


Closer Organizer IconCloset organizer


Bathroom and Shower IconBathroom/Shower


Workstation and Chair IconWorkstation/Desk chair


Thermostat IconAdjustable thermostat


Bulletin BoardBulletin board


Waste and Recycling IconWaste & recycling containers


Window IconCouch


Laundry IconAccess & laundry cards


Window IconSofa Chairs


Window IconWindow with roller shade 


Window IconCoffee table



Residence - Four Bedroom Suite Gallery



Residence - Four Bedroom Suite Gallery


Floor plan

102 m2/1098 sq ft


4 Bedroom Floorplan