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To become a campus that promotes a culture of consent, it is important that we understand the myths and truths about sexual violence and rape culture. Through our workshops and initiatives, you join others in the MacEwan community who are committed to creating a safer, more respectful campus.

Workshops and training

Understand and respond to sexual violence 

This 60-or 90-minute workshop provides an overview of different forms of sexual violence, defines consent, explains how to support a friend who’s been affected by sexual violence and gives practical information on sexual violence prevention.

Support a survivor of sexual violence

At this three-hour interactive workshop, participants learn how to support someone who has been affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of sexual violence and the challenges survivors face, develop support skills and come away with practical tools for helping friends and loved ones.

Become a Support Guide through the SVSG program

Open to all MacEwan University employees, the Sexual Violence Support Guide (SVSG) program provides faculty and staff with the skills and support they need to be leaders in sexual violence prevention and response on campus.

The SVSG program includes a 12-hour comprehensive curriculum that aims to

  • Provide staff and faculty with a better understanding of sexual violence as a public health and socio-political issue

  • Teach participants how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence and to make referrals to campus and community resources in a supportive, trauma-informed way

  • Empower participants to take an active role in sexual violence awareness and prevention

Upon completion of the program, you are considered a Support Guide. In this capacity, you will stay engaged with the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education by providing support and information to colleagues and students about issues, policies, procedures and resources related to sexual violence. Support Guides also commit to attending biannual meetings, supporting OSVPE events and initiatives and working to create a culture of consent on campus, in the classroom and outside the university walls.

Custom workshops

We can provide workshops tailored to the specific needs, time constraints, and learning objectives of your department, class, faculty or club.


To book a workshop or training session, or to learn more about these programs, contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.

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Campus initiatives

At the Root

At the Root engages the MacEwan community in critical thinking and dialogue about contemporary social issues and inspires social change by providing opportunities for learning, skill-sharing and community-building. This diverse programming, led by MacEwan community members, is scheduled throughout the fall and winter terms.

Sexual Violence Awareness Week

At the annual Sexual Violence Awareness Week, we host events that generate discussion about consent, sexual violence and social justice. We invite MacEwan students, staff and faculty to participate in activities to build their understanding of how to contribute to a culture of consent on campus.

This week-long event, held in October each year, will feature an interactive program of talks, presentations, workshops and collaborative art projects.

University Students Offering Leadership on Violence Elimination (U-SOLVE)

U-SOLVE members serve as an advisory resource and consulting entity for matters pertaining to sexual violence, gender, gender-based violence and gender equality at MacEwan University. Watch for our annual call for members each spring to get involved in this committee.

2017/18 Membership:

Jill Green, Registered Psychologist, Wellness and Psychological Services (Chair)

Sam Hay, Student Vice-Chair

Jason Garcia, VP Student Life, Students’ Association of MacEwan University

Sandy Jung, Associate Professor of Psychology

Amy Kemp, Student

Harry Linden, Residence Life Coordinator

Danika McDonald, MacEwan International

Carly MacArthur, Student Wellness Case Coordinator

Amanda Nelund, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Roxanne Runyon, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator

Rebekah Rychliski, Student

Aubrianna Snow, Student

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (SVPEC)

SVPEC is a steering committee comprised of University administrators, faculty, staff and students. The committee builds, implements and maintains a coordinated and cohesive approach to sexual violence education, awareness and prevention in order to effectively address sexual violence at the University.

2017/18 Membership:

Michelle Plouffe, VP General Counsel and Compliance Officer (Chair)

Sandy Jung, Associate Professor of Psychology, Faculty Co-Chair

Raymond Boudreau, Director, Security Services

Marcie Chisholm, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Catherine Davis-Herbert, Executive Director, Student Affairs

Jill Green, Registered Psychologist, Wellness and Psychological Services

Lee-Ann Jeffrey, Vice-President, MacEwan Staff Association

Junaid Junaghir, Assistant Professor of Economics

Allan Linklater, Communications Manager, Office of Communications and Marketing

Loredana Longo, Senior Manager, Workplace Health and Safety

Stefanie Nedoshytko, SAMU President

Roxanne Runyon, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator


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The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education and University Students Offering Leadership on Violence Elimination (U-SOLVE) host an outreach booth (staffed or unstaffed) for events on campus that features information, handouts, resources and swag. To include a booth at your event, contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.

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