Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Forum

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Call for Submissions: Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Forum and Award

Here at MacEwan, we are committed to ending sexual violence on campus. Research is a key tool in our efforts to do so. This year we are instituting an annual Student Research Forum and Award in recognition of the outstanding student research being done on this issue. We invite students from across our campus to submit a paper they have written in a course that they were enrolled in during 2017 relating to the topic of sexual violence.

We understand sexual violence to be a broad category of violence in line with our MacEwan policy which defines sexual violence as “Any action carried out without Consent, whether physical or psychological, through sexual means or by targeting sexuality, and including all forms of sexual contact, sexual humiliation, sexual exploitation, degrading sexual imagery, sexting, cyber harassment, indecent or sexualized exposure via electronic or social media or otherwise, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, Stalking, and Sexual Assault.” We encourage students from all disciplines to submit papers that look at any aspect of this issue, including but not limited to

  • cultural representations of violence

  • rape culture

  • medical system responses to sexual violence

  • criminal justice responses to sexual violence

  • anti-violence activism

  • violence in the workplace or in the family

  • LGBTQ experiences of violence

  • sexual violence and racism

  • sexual violence and settler colonialism

  • violence in literature

  • historical understandings of sexual violence

  • prevention of sexual violence

Authors whose papers are successful will be asked to deliver an 8-10 minute presentation of their work at our Research Forum on Friday, January 26, 2018. This Forum will be open to the public. We hope to attract a wide range of attendees to hear and learn from the research presentations.

Of the papers selected for the Showcase, one will be chosen as the winner of the Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Award valued at $500. The winner will be announced at the Research Showcase.


The student submitting the paper must:

  • Be a student who is currently enrolled or recently enrolled at MacEwan University.

  • Have completed the paper as a component of course work during a semester in 2017 (i.e., Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall).

  • Be the sole author of the paper. Only one submission per student is allowed.

  • Secure the support of the professor who taught the course. Submit a signed letter from your professor confirming their support along with your application.

  • Be available to present the paper on January 26.

The paper must:

  • Be between 10-25 pages long, and include a title page and an abstract of not more than 200 words.

  • Be double-spaced; include a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman); have standard margins (1”) / indents (of 5 spaces); and use consistent referencing throughout.

Please send you paper and your professor’s letter of support to MillerC@macewan.ca by December 23, 2017. In the body of the email, please include your name and both your program and year of study.