Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

U-SOLVE Committee Call for Members

APPLY | Students, Faculty, Staff | Spring 2019

Make a contribution to the University’s sexual violence prevention and education program in the upcoming academic year by becoming a member of U-SOLVE (University Students Offering Leadership for Violence Elimination).

We invite all MacEwan University Students, Faculty and Staff to become a member of U-SOLVE. We act as an advisory resource and consulting entity for matters pertaining to sexual violence, gender, gender-based violence, and gender equality at MacEwan University.

U-SOLVE aims to bring together multiple voices, experiences, and perspectives, and recognizes that contributions and voices of individuals who identify as members of marginalized or oppressed communities must be centered in order to meaningfully address sexual violence. As sexual violence is rooted in intersecting systems of power and oppression, including colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, heterosexism, ableism, cissexism, classism, and misogyny, we strive to actively challenge these systems.


Membership 2018/19


The U-SOLVE Committee will:

1. Monitor issues of sexual violence, gender, gender-based violence, and gender inequality at the University;

2. Make recommendations to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (SVPEC) based on research, best practices, and University community needs and facilitate the implementation of recommendations;

3. Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of an integrated University- wide sexual violence education, awareness, and prevention strategy and initiatives;

4. Inventory and suggest enhancements to related policies, program s, services, and resources;

5. Coordinate ongoing engagement opportunities for the University community to discuss, provide input and raise concerns a bout sexual violence, gender- based violence, and gender equality;

6. Collaborate with other University areas and committees to continually assess issues of gender on campus as they manifest for different campus community members;

7. Maintain regular and effective communication with stakeholders;

8. Establish and maintain community partnerships in jointly addressing issues of sexual violence, gender-based violence , and gender inequality on campus.

9. The Committee will provide SVPEC with reports on the status of its activities as necessary

Application process

To apply please type directly into the application form, save, and submit via email to:

Audrey Neilson

Applications must be received by 12:00 p.m. on Friday March 16, 2018.

All information provided on the Application form is taken into consideration when making recommendations. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. The Selections Committee will notify all applicants once membership decisions have been made.


Selections committee

Jason Garcia, Students’ Association Vice President Student Life and U-SOLVE Member

Jill Green, Counsellor, Wellness and Psychological Services and U-SOLVE Chair

Sandy Jung, Associate Professor Psychology and SVPEC Co-Chair

Harry Linden, Residence Life Coordinator and U-SOLVE Member

Amanda Nelund, Assistant Professor Sociology and U-SOLVE Member

Roxanne Runyon, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator and U-SOLVE Member


For further information please contact Audrey Neilson at