The confidentiality and privacy of anyone involved in a report of sexual violence must be protected. Maintaining confidentiality, to every extent possible, is the cornerstone in creating a safe and supportive campus environment. In order to enhance confidentiality, only authorized persons handle complaints.


In certain circumstances, the university and the investigation team are required to disclose confidential information. These situations include:

  • An individual or the community is believed to be at risk of harm 

  • The university is compelled to disclose information by its policies, the law or another authority

  • The investigative team must disclose confidential information to manage a report or investigation

Confidentiality is subject to the provision of the the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Alberta), other legislation and university policy.

Report Sexual Violence

When a survivor discloses

When people who have experienced sexual violence choose to confide, they are placing a great deal of trust in you. Honour this trust by not sharing the survivor's story unless you are given explicit consent.

If someone who has experienced sexual violence confides in a MacEwan employee, that employee should consult with the Sexual Violence Response Team before acting on behalf of the university.

All university employees and students need to be familiar with the sexual violence policy and procedures to ensure a consistent, confidential and transparent response to sexual violence across campus.

Supporting someone who has experienced sexual violence can be a difficult responsibility to shoulder. We encourage you to access supports for your own well-being when you help a survivor of sexual violence.

Campus Resources

Community Resources

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Pertinent policies 

Learn about the right and responsibilities of all students, faculty and staff and be prepared to respond if you witness or experience sexual violence.

During the investigation process

Only as many people as are necessary handle reports and complaints of sexual violence. Records of the incident are kept according to the rules set out by university policy, which include a department's records retention and disposition schedule. Records are kept separate from a student’s academic records or an employee’s personnel files. 

Privacy Policy

Records Management Policy